So, what is this all about?

Every week, I generate several random names using a simple little C# randomizer, and then I write a flash fiction piece about names that inspire an image or idea.

Some stories are written like accounts or folktales, and some are written as longer episodes or pivotal scenes of a larger story. Each one can be short and concise or they can linger on their subject, they can be broad in scope or specific, but each one is intended to focus on single clear concept or image. Some weeks have five short tales, and some have three much longer ones.

Each entry is intended as a glimpse into a strange, far off place, packed with implication and dripping with atmosphere. Nearly every story is its own world, though I do have a few places and characters I like returning to.

The aim of all this is engagement: both in the fun dark fantasy weird writing, and in getting your imagination buzzing with all the strange and sorcerous hints!

Shadows & Sorcery, despite its sometimes rather frantic release schedule, is NOT written or prompted with AI in any way, shape, or form, and never will be.

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Shadows & Sorcery, up until issue 70, worked on a system where paid subscribers got access to three-to-five full stories a week, while free subs got one a week. While there was still plenty of free writing for everyone to enjoy, I realized at a point I was in a position to give everyone more.

Now, a free subscription to Shadows & Sorcery means you get three-to-five stories a week and one serial chapter a month. But a paid sub grants you access to the entirety of the “season 1” archive, as well as access to every future project I have in the pipeline including narrated editions, illustrated editions, e-books, and more. So, free subs get more than ever, but those still paying aren’t losing out.

Subscriptions are still as cheap as I can make them, so everyone has a chance to see what’s in the dank dungeons of this publication.

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Sean Hill

Hello! I'm a fantasy writer living in Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in flash and short fiction, and am an avid fantasy world builder.