So, what is this all about?

Every week, I shake up some digital names in a digital hat (by which I mean I run a very crude C# name randomizer) and write a quick flash fiction tale about the names that inspire some image or concept in my head.

! Shadows & Sorcery is NOT written, prompted or “assisted” with or by AI/LLMs in any way, shape, or form, and never will be !

Anyway, what’s flash fiction? It’s also called microfiction, or vignettes, dribbles, drabbles, and more. Short short tales commonly a thousand words and under (I have absolutely broken this rule here before, but this is my publication damn it).

Flash fiction can take all kinds of forms and have all kinds of purposes. Here, some stories are written like accounts or folktales, some like broad historical overviews, some are written as coming in on a pivotal scenes of a larger story, and some are just joining a weird character or two for a few minutes. Each one can be short and concise or they can linger on their subject, they can be broad in scope or specific, but each one is intended to focus on single clear concept or image. Each entry is intended as a glimpse into a far off place, a quick walk through a strange new world, packed with detail and atmosphere. And nearly every story is its own world, though I do have a few places and characters I like returning to.

The aim of all this is engagement: I want to engage your imagination with hints and implications, get you thinking, wondering, maybe even writing yourself, all packaged in accessible but exciting entertainment. I want to to share my experience of reading material and getting that “ooh damn that’s cool” moment that gets your brain buzzing.

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But for the moment, things are staying the same—a free subscription nets you 3 tales a week and a serial chapter a month, as well as access to everything from #70 onwards, and the first tale all of every issue before that (which I call season 1). There’s a lot of good stuff back there, delve in!

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Hello! I'm a fantasy writer living in Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in flash and short fiction, and am an avid fantasy world builder.